Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH) And The Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone System (RAAS) Work Together In Maintaining (2023)

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Answer 1


The correct answer will be- ADH alters the reabsorption of water and RAAS leads to the reabsorption of sodium ions.


To maintain the osmolarity of the blood in the human body, the body activates the RAAS pathway and the production of ADH.

RAAS pathway gets activated when the receptors sense low blood pressure in the body. This activates the production of renin from the juxtaglomerular cells of the body which converts the angiotensin to angiotensin I and later angiotensin II.

This allows the reabsorption of sodium ions in the blood through proximal and distal tubules in the nephron. This activates the synthesis of aldosterone which increase the permeability to sodium ions.

The Antidiuretic hormone helps regulate the low blood pressure by adding aquaporins to the distal tubule membrane which help absorb the water.

Thus, ADH alters the reabsorption of water and RAAS leads to the reabsorption of sodium ions is the correct

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Robert’s fraternal twin sister Desiree has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Armend’s identical twin brother, Nigel, also has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Robert, compared with Armend, probably has a ______ chance of having a diagnosis of schizophrenia. A. lower



The correct option is lower.


Schizophrenia can be described as an inherited disease and it is a type of mental illness. As Armend has an identical twin brother with diagnosis of schizophrenia hence, he will have more chances than Robert whose fraternal twin sister has schizophrenia.

As fraternal twins develop from two different eggs hence, the chances in them having the same disease will be lower. Identical twins develop from the same egg, hence they will have more chances of having the same inherited disease.

Assume a thylakoid is somehow punctured so that the interior of the thylakoid is no longer separated from the stroma. This damage will have the most direct effect on which of the following processes? A) the splitting of water
B) the absorption of light energy by chlorophyll
C) the synthesis


The question is incomplete. The complete question is:

Assume a thylakoid is somehow punctured so that the interior of the thylakoid is no longer separated from the stroma. This damage will have the most direct effect on which of the following processes?

a. the splitting of water

b. the absorption of light energy by chlorophyll

c. the flow of electrons from photosystem II to photosystem I

d. the synthesis of atp


d. the synthesis of ATP


During electron transfer from water to PSII and from the reaction center of PSII through an intermediate chain of carriers to PSI and finally to NADP+, protons are pumped from stroma to thylakoid space. This creates a proton centration gradient with higher proton concentration in the thylakoid space than stroma.

Since the thylakoid membrane is impermeable to protons, the downhill movement of protons through a proton channel drives the synthesis of ATP. If the thylakoid membrane is punctured, the proton concentration gradient would not be formed to support the process of ATP synthesis in chloroplasts.

Scientists have modified a clathrin molecule so that it still assembles but forms an open-ended lattice instead of a closed spherical cage. How would this clathrin molecule affect endocytosis in cells?



Endocytosis is a cellular process which helps the cell to bring large pr macromolecules inside the cell.

There are many known mechanisms of endocytosis but one of the best-understood mechanism is which involves the molecule called clathrin.

Clathrin is a protein which helps the endocytosis process by assisting the formation of the coated pit in the inner side of the cellular membrane.

When the inner surface when forms a vesicle and pinches off in the cytoplasm, then the clathrin allows the selection of the vesicles cargo and pits to reduce the surface area of the vesicle.

Thus, clathrin plays an important role in endocytosis.

When you go outside, it is common to hear a variety of bird songs. These songs vary among bird species as well as bird flocks. Interestingly, some bird species that are highly unrelated have very similar song qualities. What can you conclude from this phenomenon? The bird songs are homologous traits. The bird songs have achieved speciation after coming from allopatric species. The bird songs are analogous traits. The bird songs have different molecular DNA.



The correct answer will be option-The bird songs are analogous traits


Analogous traits are the traits which evolved independently in the unrelated organisms but they perform the same functions.

The analogous traits are derived due to the process of convergence that is to perform the same function depending on the habitat thus, development of analogous traits explains the convergent evolution.

The convergence could be observed not only anatomically but in the behavior as well as the physiology. In the given question, since the unrelated species of bird sing songs with similar qualities shows that the singing trait is an analogous trait.

Thus, the selected option is the correct answer.

Carbonydrate loading a. provides a competitive edge for award-winning sprinters, bodybuilders, and weight lifters b. involves manipulating dietary patterns and physical activities prior to an endurance event c. often results in short-term weight loss and positive energy balance d. is generally recommended for long-term weight control for athletes


Answer: Option B.

Carbohydrate loading involves manipulating dietary patterns and physical activities prior to an endurance event.


Carbohydrate loading is a method used by endurance athletes to increase their glycogen (energy level) storage in the muscles and livers by changing their diets and physical exercises. This is done a week before an endurance activity and it is my increasing the intake of Carbohydrates by 8 to 12 kilogram by weight of the body. This give you more energy to compete for physical activity with less fatigue for a long period of time as we know that physical activity requires energy.

As urine moves through a nephron, it is modified by ions, water, and other materials either being secreted into the fluid or by efflux of substances out of the urine. However, such modifications do not occur in which one of the following regions of the nephron? a. proximal tubule
b. loop of henle
c. bowmans capsule
d. distal tubule
e. collecting duct



The correct answer is c. bowmans capsule


The bowman's capsule is a cup-shaped dilation which surrounds the glomerulus( tuft of capillaries). Bowman's capsule makes the first part of the nephron. Water and other solutes pass from the blood moving through the glomerulus into the Bowmans capsule due to glomerular blood pressure.

Then this filtrate passes through other part of nephron like PCT, Henle loop, DCT and collecting duct where secretion and absorption of substance and water takes place to make urine.

So Bowman's capsule just collects filtrate from the glomerulus and passes it to PCT, therefore, such modification does not occur in Bowman's capsule.

When someone is experiencing​ hypoglycemia, the body attempts to compensate by using the​ fight-or-flight mechanism of the autonomic nervous system. Which one of the statements below is NOT one of the​ fight-or-flight responses? A.Breathing accelerates.
B.Blood vessels constrict.
C.The skin is hot and dry.
D.The heart pumps faster.



The answer is C.The skin is hot and dry.


When someone experiences hypoglycemia the skin isn't hot and dry. Otherwise, the breathing does accelerate therefore the heart pumps faster and the blood vessels constrict. These in order to, for example, avoid arterial and general vascular damage.

Terrestrial organisms lose water through evaporation. In what ecosystem might an entomologist find a good study organism to examine the prevention of water loss? mastering biology



The correct answer is desert.


If an entomologist wants to look for a good example of an organism that prevents water loss, he must look for organisms in the desert.

A desert is one of the ecosystems that receives less water, the rainwater that falls is less than 150 mm per year.

Despite the heat and lack of water, there is a wide variety of living beings that inhabit this type of ecosystem. But for that they must save water, and they do this through adaptations that they developed when they were living in this place.

They can have two types of adaptations: physical or behavioral adaptations.

In behavioral adaptations, desert animals simply avoid the sun to generate greater water retention. Depending on the species, some choose to go out only during the night, and others prefer to be under the shadow of a cactus.

Some species also get the water they need through the food they eat, which prevents them from having to go in search of water.

One type of physical adaptation is the one that occurs in those animals who accumulate fatty tissue in their body which allows them to stay fresh and thus prevent water from evaporating.

Ants move small insects called aphids from plant to plant. The aphids are protected by the ants, while the ants feed on sugary honeydew produced by the aphids. What type of relationship is exampled in this scenario?



This is an example of mutualistic relationship.


This type of relationship occurs when two living beings of different species decide to cooperate in order to obtain a benefit from each other.

This is an example of the joint evolution of both organisms, who adapted to each other's environment and obtained something productive from it.

There are cases in which without the help of another organism, a living being would simply die.

There are two types of mutual relationship: the obligate and the facultative.

In the case of the obligate mutualistic relationship, without the help of an organism, another organism would die. Therefore it necessarily depends on its cooperation to exist.

In the case of the facultative one, both living beings obtain mutual benefits but they can quietly live without each other.

An individual is heterozygous for two linked genes, but whether its genotype is AB/ab or Ab/aB is not known. The individual is crossed with ab/ab, and among the progeny are: 62 AB/ab; 13 Ab/ab; 18 aB/ab; 51 ab/ab. These results imply that the genotype of the doubly heterozygous parent was AB/ab. A) True
B) False


Answer: True


This is because the crossing with recessive allele (ab ab) gives the percentage proportionof heterozygous dominant allele as 62%AB and 51% ab.

This is test crossing . It is use to determine the genotype of heterozyote dominant alleles, where the phenotype can not be used to identify the genotypic proportion.

The recessive allele(ab ab) above are used to determine the proportion of inheritance of zygosity of the heterozygote allele

An organism that lacks neurons that perform integration A) can be expected to lack myelinated neurons.
B) will not have a nervous system.
C) will not be able to interpret stimuli.
D) cannot receive stimuli.



The correct answer will be option-C


The nervous system performs the function of integrating the sensory information and then responding to the sensory information.

This function is especially performed by the central nervous system where the thalamus part of the brain is normally associated with the sensory neurons as they have nuclei which sense and analyse the information.

If the organism will not have the neurons which could perform the function of integration mainly the centers associated with sensing and analysing therefore, the organism will lose its capability to interpret or analyse the stimuli.

Thus, Option-C is the correct answer.

"Although some hearing conditions run in families, Dawn, age 61, is experiencing an age-related hearing condition. Dawn has __________." presbyopia presbycusis tinnitus sensorineural hearing loss



The correct answer is presbycusis.


As we grow older and imperceptibly, human beings gradually lose their ability to hear. This process is called presbycusis.

It is a condition that occurs normally as we get older and usually affects both ears equally.

To this day, no method has been developed to prevent this.

There are many reasons why you can suffer presbycusis, although the most common is caused for the changes generated in the inner ear.

Losing an auditory part is quite uncomfortable since it affects us in all the activities we do every day.

Albuterol and epinephrine both have bronchodilation properties that improve the amount of oxygen that a person can inhale and absorb. However, Albuterol is administered only for asthma, whereas epinephrine is administered for both asthma and anaphylaxis. Why is epinephrine, and not Albuterol, the first choice for anaphylaxis?



The correct answer is Albuterol is not a vasoconstrictor.


Anaphylaxis is a dangerous allergic reaction caused by any chemical contained in a medicine or protein antigens that can cause death by suffocation if not treated quickly.

When the immune system is faced with a substance to which the body is allergic, it automatically releases chemicals that cause the allergy. One of these chemicals released is histamine.

In the case of anaphylaxis, the blood pressure drops suddenly, the airways close and extreme vasodilation occurs. Vasodilation is caused by histamine and what it produces is that the blood vessels dilate, and produce an outflow of fluid. If this does not stop immediately, the patient may suffer bronchoconstriction where their bronchial tubes narrow due to histamine.

Albuterol is not vasoconstrictor, that is, it is not able to close these vessels to prevent the passage of fluid, therefore the most appropriate in these cases is to use epinephrine.

This medicine is vasoconstrictor, which will generate a relaxation in the muscles of the airways and narrow the blood vessels.

Among the virulence factors produced by Staphylococcus aureus are hemolysin, coagulase, hyaluronidase, and enterotoxin. Which of these factors contribute(s) to the ability of S. aureus to invade the body? A) coagulase
B) enterotoxin
C) hemolysin
D) hyaluronidase
E) coagulase and hemolysin



A) coagulase


Diseases caused by Staphylococcus aureus may be due to direct tissue invasion, or exclusively due to toxins produced.

The mechanism of invasion of S. aureus, in the first moment, depends directly on the fact that this bacterium adheres to the skin or mucosa, thanks to coagulase (a component of the cell surface that ensures adherence to the epithelia), to then break through the barriers of the epithelium, compromising intercellular link structures, as desmosomes and adhesion joints.

After invasion of the epithelium, S. aureus uses several strategies to enable their survival and proliferation in the host organism, corresponding to the other virulence factors.

An advantage of asexual reproduction is that a) it enhances genetic variability in the species.
b) allows the species to endure long periods of unstable environmental conditions.
c) enables the species to rapidly colonize habitats that are favorable to that species.
d) produces offspring that respond effectively to new pathogens.
e) allows a species to easily rid itself of harmful mutations.



c) enables the species to rapidly colonize habitats that are favorable to that species is the correct answer.


An advantage of asexual reproduction is that enables the species to rapidly colonize habitats that are favorable to that species.

Asexual reproduction where offspring is produced from the single parent and it carries the genes of that parent.

In asexual reproduction, an organism is formed without the exchange of genetic material

In the asexual reproduction there no fusion of gametes,

Examples of asexual reproduction are fragmentation,binnary fission, spore formation, budding.

Advantage of asexual reproduction

  • occurs very rapidly.
  • one parent is required for reproduction.
  • The population increases quickly when the conditions are suitable.

​Yesterday you asked your friend Ray for a couple of aspirin tablets to relieve your headache. Ray has been taking a psychology course and informs you that, in behavioral terms, aspirin is a ________ reinforcer.



The correct answer is a negative reinforcer.


In psychology there is a type of procedure called reinforcements. This means that there are situations in which certain behavior is established or eliminated, waiting for a response because of doing it.

There are two types of reinforcements: positive reinforcements and negative reinforcements.

The positive reinforcement establishes that by means of a certain type of behavior, a positive response will be expected, therefore the behavior will be repeated again to have that response again.

An example of this would be when you teach your dog to sit, and in return you give him a croquette. The first time he did it, the dog saw that he received a delicious croquette in exchange for his action, so he is likely to do it again in order to win a croquette again.

A negative reinforcement, on the other hand, is one that eliminates a certain type of negative condition, waiting for the response to this to continue. As is the example of taking an aspirin. If a person takes an aspirin to relieve his headache, it is likely that every time his head hurts he will take one too. And this is not a positive or recommended behavior, unless a doctor prescribes it.

Coexisting species of wild cats differ in the size of their canine teeth, which corresponds to differences in their preferred species of prey. This outcome is most likely the result of: Competitive exclusion Resource partitioning Ecological release Preemptive competition



The correct answer is- Resource partitioning


According to the competitive exclusion principle, two species can not share the same niche because species that share the same niche have the same needs which leads to the interspecies competition.

This competition leads to resource partitioning which means the species who share the same niche evolved by natural selection to occupy different niche by dividing their resource which leads to the coexistence of two different species.

So here coexistence of wild cats differ in the size of their canine teeth is the result of resource partitioning.

Allele A has 235 codons. Allele a (an alternative allele of the same gene) has 233 codons. When comparing the protein encoded by allele A to that encoded by allele a, protein A must be:______



A must be two amino acids longer -each codon encodes one amino acid.

Sequences of DNA make up genes which can have different forms called alleles. DNA is transcribed into mRNA and later translated into amino acids which are linked together by rRNA to form proteins.

Further Explanation:

The nucleic acids are comprised of smaller units called nucleotides and function as storage for the body’s genetic information. These monomers include ribonucleic acid (RNA) or deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). They differ from other macromolecules since they don’t provide the body with energy. They exist solely to encode and protein synthesis.

Basic makeup: C, H, O, P... life on Earth is Carbon based nucleotides contain 5-carbon sugars, and nitrogen; the bases may contain single to double bond rings

All the genetic information within the eukaryotic cell is stored within the nucleus as helical DNA. This DNA is tightly wound around histones as chromosomes. Codons are three nucleotide bases encoding an amino acid or signal at the beginning or end of protein synthesis.

RNA codons determine certain amino acids so the order in which the bases occur within in the codon sequence designates which amino acid is to be made bus with the four RNA nucleotides (Adenine, Cysteine and Uracil) Up to 64 codons (with 3 as stop codons) determine amino acid synthesis. The stop codons ( UAG UGA UAA) terminate amino acid/ protein synthesis while the start codon AUG begins protein synthesis.

Learn more about transcription at

Learn more about DNA and RNA


A penetrating stab wound to the heart wall that causes blood to leak into the pericardial cavity would result in A penetrating stab wound to the heart wall that causes blood to leak into the pericardial cavity would result in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. endocarditis. cardiac tamponade. myocardial infarction.



The correct answer is cardiac tamponade.


Cardiac tamponade is the cause of the pericardial space being filled with liquid. This syndrome occurs in emergencies, as is the example of a stab penetrating wound and if it is not treated urgently it can result in pulmonary edema, shock and even death.

What happens in this case is that the pericardium receives a high pressure which causes that the pumping of blood it is not carried out correctly, and the heart is compressed decreasing the filling during diastole.

The most appropriate procedure to treat this type of emergency is a pericardiocentesis that allows studying and draining the fluid lodged in the pericardium so that the pressure can decrease.

After injury to the _______ region of the brain, a person could present as being either unmotivated, passive, and with limited ideas, or could present with impulsive and distractible behaviors.


Answer: frontal


Frontal lobe or frontal region of the brain in humans is relative to large mass and restricted in movement. It is part of the cerebral system. It supports goal-directed behaviors.

The damage caused to the frontal lobe or frontal region of the brain affects the ability of an individual to make a decision and good choices. The damage to the frontal lobe causes an increase in irritability which may lead to the change in mood and the person is unable to regulate own behavior. The person feels unmotivated and with limited ideas.

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Robert, compared with Armend, probably has a ______ chance of having a diagnosis of schizophrenia. A. lower Which documentation on a woman’s chart on postpartum day 14 indicates a normal involution process? A. Moderate bright red lochial flow B. Episiotomy slightly red and puffy C. Fundus below the symphysis and nonpalpable D. Breasts firm and tender Which is true of case-based reasoning (CBR)? a. Each problem and its corresponding solution are stored on a global network. b. Each case in a database shares a common description and keyword. c. It matches a new problem with a previously solved problem and its solution. d. It solves a problem by going through a series of if-then-else rules. ) Force F = − + ( 8.00 N i 6.00 N j ) ( ) acts on a particle with position vector r = + (3.00 m i 4.00 m j ) ( ) . What are (a) the torque on the particle about the origin, in unit-vector notation, and (b) the angle between the directions of r and F ? 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