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Chicago may not be in the elite list of dine-at cities around the world, but that should not dampen your dining spirits. Chicago restaurants are an exciting pack: they come in a range of shapes and sizes. You will come across mother-of-all pizza joints, chef-driven new dining corners, and not forgetting the heavy-weight dining giants that have shaped the eating history of Chicago IL. It is not your fault if it feels too overwhelming to make a choice. And so you know; the restaurant boom is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Let’s cut the chase and get to the subject at hand: the best Chicago restaurants. This article gives a detailed list of restaurants that you should step in and sample their delicacies. It does not matter whether you have called Chicago home since your childhood or you are just over here for the weekend; you will love what these restaurants put on the table.

1. Lula Café Chicago IL

There is steak from everywhere else, and then there is Lula’s steak. From its humble start in 1999, this eating joint has been the host of some of the who-is-who coming to Chicago. Whether you are looking for a casual Sunday brunch or a treat to crown an important career or life event, you will not regret that you chose Lula Café.

A look at the menu will tell you are in for a great dining opportunity. Even before the farm-to-table talk became a global thing, this café was already into it. Whether it is pink-lady apples, French toast served with kaffir lime or walnuts served in white sweet potato soup; you had better come with a spare stomach.

2. Radio Anago Chicago IL

If that holiday in Japan left you with an appetite for Japanese dishes, Chicago would keep the infatuation going. Radio Anago is taking the Japanese cuisine to a new level. Sushi, a string of cocktails and fried chickens are some of the specialties here. Radio Anago is a perfect choice for evening dates (it is never a wrong spot to bring your first date because if she does not fall in love with you, she may love the restaurant and keep asking you to bring her here). The restaurant does not work with reservations thus you may have to wait a little longer for your meal. However,the wait is worth the while as you will be licking your fingers all through the dinner.

3. Fisk & Co.Chicago IL

Weekends and their nights are slow and a getaway plan is a big welcome. Fisk & Co. is the place that will make you lookforward to your after-work hours at the beginning of a weekend. The new joint in Monaco Hotel specializes in Mussel, which will be served in a range ofbroths. It should not come as a surprise if you cannot have enough of this. And that is not all that got this restaurant into this elite list of Chicago restaurants. A string of seafood-based delicacies are also served. From reviewers, this is a must-come-to place with your friends for a chatty evening. It also goes well for lone diners.

4. Tied HouseChicago IL

Chicago IL Restaurants Worth Visiting | Sterling Hughes, LLC (1)Schubas Tavern earned its fame from live band performances but that is changing now thanks to Tied House, which adjoins the tavern. The restaurant was not an eye-catching site but with a well-calculated renovation and renaming it is now a must-go-to spot before attending the live band performances next door. With the presence of an award-winning chef, Debbie Gold, this is a testimony you will make a promise to come back. To get you ready for the main course, a spread or a Parker House roll would be a good start. Pasta, seafood and “cheffy” meat treats should complete your dining experience. There is a bar if you feel like grabbing a cocktail or a beer to top up your meal. This restaurant is your complete house for a dining and wine experience at very affordable rates.

5. SomersetChicago IL

Many people are against the idea of dining within what is referred to as the “Viagra Triangle”. The excuse is that the feeling is like attending speed-dating conventions for global retired millionaires. Somerset
is rewriting that script with some of the best dishes in Chicago. Beet Tartare is Somerset’s signature treat that you will be remembering a month after. If you are wondering what it is made of, it is a crafty mixture of Gouda cheese, yogurt, and smoked beets. Venison, house-made pasta, and halibut will leave your tongue yearning for more. About the décor, there is a heavy reminder that you are in Gold Coast. Nautical furnishes, art-deco lighting, and space around you will make you enjoy your meals to the last bite.

6. ParachuteChicago IL

Whatever is happening in this place must be great. Parachute is undoubtedly becoming a staple in Chicago. Opening its doors in 2014 and owned by the duo of Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark, Parachute was coming into an overcrowded market and had to be exceptional. The restaurant has just done that and uses an unpredictable approach to satisfy diners. Apart from the pair of bing bread and baked potatoes, everything else keeps changing. The rotating bibimbap should be a must-sample for all guests, but do not get attached to anything yet; there is a lot going around that you do not want to miss. If you are having a hard time making your choices, the attendants will help you in that end. Wait for your order with a cocktail freshly mixed at the bar.

7. GiantChicago IL

The “giant” reference is not about the size of this restaurant but its dishes. They are delicious; each one of them, thus making a choice has never been easier. Let’s talk about what makes this place tick. In
2017, Giant was named the top sixth best restaurant in the US by bon appétit Magazine. Not that Americans needed a reminder of how great a dining spot Giant is, but no one would complain about such an honor.

The owner-cum-chef, Jason Vincent, has seen and done it all and here is where you get the most exquisite dishes ever to be served anywhere. Fried-uni shooters and short ribs glazing in chili would not be a
wrong choice. And just because the place is not a giant in size, making a reservation adds to your overall impressive experience.

8. EntenteChicago IL

Fine dining is not anything ingrained in our DNA; it has to start somewhere. If you are beginning, Entente would be a perfect recommendation. The joint offers simple-name dishes, but there is nothing
simple about their tastes. Anything served here is a masterpiece that if you wish to get more of it in the future then you have to make Entente your favorite eating place. Names like Pekin duck, scallop, liver, and wedge are not a great inspiration but once you taste them the name no longer matters.

Delicious dishes are not the only attribute this restaurant boasts of, the come-the-way-you-are and laid-back environment will be making a great statement. This combination makes it easy for diners to come
for both casual days and important occasions.

9. The PublicanChicago IL

It is never fun dining in a place where you can touch both walls stretching your arms. If space is something you care about in restaurants, The Republican just became your favorite even before putting a
meal on your tongue.High ceilings and spaced-out communal tables greet you as you make entry to the restaurant. The feeling in the air is like you are in a big beer hall. The focus here is on
meat so expect a dominance of pork, beef, and oyster.

One thing you will like about this spot is that the menu is not fixed; it revolves around seasons. It is only frites, sausages and farm chicken that get a chance to be served around the year. Do not get your
hopes high for a steak because you will have none. However, the place serves well-cooked cuts and you should give them a try.

10. Smoque BBQChicago IL

For that longing of barbecue, anything less than the best is equal to having nothing at all. If you need a stellar barbecue experience, find your way to Smoque BBQ. It is in Irving Park and an easy to
spot restaurant. The BBQ crew is not one to take shortcuts and place any barbecue on your table. They go the extra length to vet every piece of meat, do strict rubbing and smoking to make it a barbecue you will not be forgetting in years. From the thorough process, you can expect a score of treats such as smoky brisket, delicious short and long ribs, and juicy soft pork. Do not fill your stomach with your barbecue; it is not yet over. Desserts and other home-made sides will be making it a worth-every-penny dining. Peach cobbler and BBQ beans will leave your mouth salivating and ready to go again for the entire length if
only your stomach would have more space.

11. BellemoreChicago IL

Bellemore may be a new entrant into the Chicago’s extensive hotel and restaurants industry, but is already making waves. Nothing in the recent history has been a buzz than this place. Just you know that you
are not eating average meals that you can get in streets anywhere; the chef here holds an award. It is no wonder than Bellemore’s Luxe-oyster pie with a caviar top is an Instagram sensation. There is a score of other dishes and cocktails that place this West Loop joint on the map of where to dine in Chicago.

12. Revival Food Hall Chicago IL

If your tight travel schedule only affords you an afternoon in Chicago, then a lunch reservation at Revival Hall is the spot to give you a lifetime experience. This spot is a vast marketplace with 15 vendors orally certified as the best neighborhood eats in the entire Chicago. Your picks would range from a bowl of ramen, delicious fried chicken, a giant-size pizza (the kind they make in Detroit), to finger licking pastries. This may not be a place for the deep pockets but the delicious meals will force you to make a mental note to come by when you have more time in Chicago.

13. MarisolChicago IL

Marisol is not your average Chicago restaurant. It is another baby from Lula Café owner and chef, Jason Hammel, who is becoming a household name where food is a subject of discussion. There is a silent
suggestion that every institution must have a restaurant by Jason Hammel in one of its floors. Marisol cuts its teeth in seasonal treats; do not expect to find a fixed menu from January to December. Whatever you order, expect a streak of fresh farm produce that is a perfect combo for the usual saffron chips and chilled octopus.

14. Gibsons ItaliaChicago IL

Chicago tries to make itself a home for everyone who comes visiting and for locals who would like something out of the ordinary. Such is Italian foods served at Gibsons Italia. This is a three-tier restaurant with a spectacular river view and you can see the skyline from a distance. The specialties here are extensive, but the main treats are steaks, cocktails, and pasta. With the warm weather catching up, the restaurant is unveiling its rooftop view. Apparently, it is not a place to only dine and wine but also has a portion of the sun.

15. The Warbler Chicago IL

North Side has been quiet on the food industry and not a go-to place for diners. That is no more the case with the presence of The Warbler. The kitchen here is large, an indication that you will be leaving with a full stomach. The chief dishes include finger foods, flatbread, and pasta. With summer almost here, the patio will be open for diners’ sake.

Now you have it all to eat through the city of Chicago. From a simple breakfast to occasion-marking dinner; you already know where the best food is served. The restaurants reviewed in this post are Chicago’s elite, and it should not surprise you to bump into your favorite celebrity in one of them. The ball is in your court now; whether you decide to go on a dining spree to the entire list or settle for one, it is all your

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