Ultrakatty (2023)

Ultrakatty' is a rideable Creature in LEGO Worlds that is unlocked via a special Code gained from a McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotional crossover released in early 2019.

(Video) LEGO Movie 2 Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy 70827


(Video) Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy! - THE LEGO MOVIE 2 - 70827 Product Animation
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Ultrakatty is a very large, four-legged, red, yellow and brown creature. It has a feline-styled body, with a flattened, square face, spikes all over its body and tail, and a single horn atop its armoured head. The Player can ride on the creature's back holding on to a large, curved handlebar.

When idle, Ultrakatty will alternate between sitting on its haunches with a smile on its face, and standing on all fours, hopping a bit, with an angry glare on its face. When not being ridden, it will wander around with a determined look on its face. Like most creatures, Ultrakatty falls asleep at night when not being ridden.

(Video) Lego movie 2. [2019] The Second Part. Emmet Brickowski, Wyldstyle & General Mayhen.

When she's in the water, her face is relaxed and happy. As soon as she leaves the water, she becomes angry and aggressive.


Ultrakatty is based on a character appearing in the LEGO Movie 2. This was the first new content in the game for 2019, and turns out, the mysterious Snow People used this species as a weapon.

(Video) LEGO Worlds Ultrakatty from LEGO Movie 2 Unlock + Free Roam Gameplay


  • As soon as you hit Ultrakatty once and immediately ride her, she starts attacking herself.
  • She was officially added on PC at 29. January 2019, removed a day later because the executable game file was missing and later that day returned with a hotfix. She was also in the game at PC on January 4th, 2019 for about 30 minutes, but this update was undone as it was apparently released by mistake.
  • To avoid confusion. She appears in the game in the Creatures section. In the Lego movie 2 Videogame she can be found under Vehicles.
  • The Snow People mentioned in the game's novels rode these things because of their incredible speed and strength


Ultrakatty (1)

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The McDonalds promotion

(Video) Ultrakatty Play Time #legomovie2 #legoultrakatty #ultrakatty


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